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Twilight Muse

 New Album out Now!

Twilight Muse CD Album Vicky Clubb Music

"Captivating new record, absolutely filled to the brim with beautiful hand woven melodies and sets the perfect tone, such a pleasure to listen to." (Rich Stephenson)

"The music flows seamlessly, one piece into another.” (Petra Dean)

"What a sensational performance of Twilight Muse.  A varied, moving, emotional, uplifting and relaxing album. Truly memorable and leaves a lasting impression." (Elizabeth Kent)

"Imagine you live on a Scottish island, and from your living room you have a perfect view of the sea. You often watch the water, the rolling movement, the drama of a storm, the dazzling, fragmented light of a bright, calm day. Always restless, always surprising. This is the soundtrack." (David Booth)